Learn to Swim

From infants to adult classes

Learn to Swim

JM Robson Aquatic Centre believes that swimming and water safety is essential to your child’s education. Swimming should be enjoyable, safe and a fun experience that will help your child improve their cardio-vascular fitness, strength, flexibility and coordination, so to benefit their day to day and sporting life.

Our dedicated swim teachers treat their job as a vocation not just a casual job. They thrive on the accomplishments of their students while having a bit of fun along the way. All our teachers are Austswim qualified and hold current resuscitation certificates.

JM Robson Aquatic Centre runs a comprehensive learn to swim program over 6 days a week. Classes range from infant aquatics through to stroke development and even adult lessons.

Our lessons are ½ an hour once a week for the minimum duration of 10 weeks.


  1. Enter and exit safely
  2. Float 30 sec on front and back unassisted
  3. Fully submerge, blowing bubbles, open eyes and retrieve object
  4. Kick on front and back with kickboard
  5. Jump into chest depth water with assistance
  6. Reach arm and pull action demonstrated


  1. Enter and exit safely, slide entry
  2. Move from back float to front float
  3. Treading water arm action
  4. Breathing to the side
  5. 5m freestyle
  6. 5m backstroke
  7. Swim through submerged object


  1. Perform slide entry
  2. Float on front and back unassisted
  3. 15 sec treading water
  4. 15m freestyle
  5. 15m backstroke
  6. 10m survival backstroke
  7. Recover object
  8. Perform sitting dive


  1. Perform step in entry
  2. Demonstrate head first sculling
  3. 25m freestyle correct technique
  4. 25m backstroke correct technique
  5. 15m survival backstroke
  6. 10m breastbone kick
  7. 1 minute treading water
  8. Perform kneeling dive
  9. Recover object from bottom chest depth water


  1. safely perform a fall in enter and exit from deep water
  2. perform a forward somersault
  3. 1 minute treading water
  4. 50m freestyle with technique
  5. 50m backstroke with correct head position
  6. 25m breaststroke
  7. 25m survival backstroke
  8. perform shallow dive


  1. Safely enter and exit
  2. 2 minutes treading water
  3. 100m freestyle
  4. 100m backstroke
  5. 50m breaststroke
  6. 25m survival backstroke
  7. 25 one arm butterfly
  8. perform streamline starts for all strokes
  9. perform tumble turns for all strokes


  1. Safely enter and exit
  2. 2 minutes treading water
  3. 200m freestyle
  4. 200m backstroke
  5. 100m breaststroke
  6. 25m butterfly with correct technique
  7. Tumble turns for all strokes
  8. Streamline starts for all strokes
  9. Perform a race start dive